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We offer escorted multi-day trips in The Pantanal Wetlands and Brazilian Savanna


Mato Grosso  is one of the largest Brazilian states, the third largest in area, located in the western part of the country. A state with a flat landscape, alternating great chapadas (montains) and plain areas, Mato Grosso presents three different ecosystems: Cerrado, Pantanal and the Amazon Rainforest. The vegetation of the open pasture covers 40% of the state, and the Chapada dos Guimarães National Park, with its caves, grottos, tracks and waterfalls, is one of its great tourist attractions. Pantanal, the world's largest wetland, is the habitat for almost a thousand species of animals, with many aquatic birds. Nobres is one of the best place in Brazil for River snorkeling!

          Pantanal Tours Testimonials 

“Absolutely Amazing”

After much research on available tours into the Pantanal, I decided to book with Igor Gaspareto for a number of reasons. #1 Former guests were all positively impressed with his service and their experience with him--#2 He responded to all my numerous inquiries very quickly (unlike many other operators)--#3 He speaks fluent English and a number of other languages ( I never needed to speak or understand Portuguese) --- #4 He provided transportation to and from the hotel and suggested safe and very nice places to stay before - between - and after his tours--#5 Since I visited during the low season, he did not charge me the single supplement #6 His rates are reasonable for what is provided #7 He had an excellent rating on Trip Advisor.
I booked the 5/4 Pantanal trip and then the Nobres 2 day trip to begin February 1st 2016. For the Pantanal trip, Igor and his guides Alex and Jose all took their turn at providing unique, breathtaking, awesome and exciting adventures. It is impossible to describe the beauty of the Pantanal. I felt like I was dropped down into an enormous natural wildlife zoo, but one with no cages. Our expert guides were very knowledgeable about all the flora and fauna and where to go and when to go to most likely view it.
Animals, and exotic birds were everywhere. It was amazing.! Both of Igor's guides are passionate about their jobs and go out of their way to be accomodating. (Alex even may treat you to a song or two while playing his guitar) Igor works very hard at being flexible and adapting schedules and activities to meet his guest's needs and interests
The Nobres tour was another excellent adventure. Jose was my guide for this and joined me on two of the river trips where you are given a mask, snorkel, and PFD and you float with the current through the woods and down beautiful clear water with fish swimming all around you. It is callled the Aquarium for good reason.Besides the swimming, Jose knew I loved birds so he also took me to a misty lagoon at dusk where Blue Macaws and parrots swarm to as daylight fades. It was a magical experience and being there with someone who was enjoying it just as much as I was made it even better. , Since I was the only person taking this tour, Jose and I had a lot of freedom to decide what and where we wanted to do and go. We shared many interests and Jose was an excellent traveling companion.
If you are thinking about visiting Brazil- make sure to take some time to visit the Pantanal and Nobres. You will not be disappointed by choosing Gasparetours. They are awesome!!!!!!

Susan Braeger - Wiisconsin - USA


“A fabulous Pantanal experience!”

My husband, 7 year old daughter and I have just returned from a 4D/3N tour of the northern Pantanal with Gasparetours. We had been unsuccessful in receiving email responses from other tour operators and those whom we had eventually made contact with didn’t fill us with confidence.


We spent our first day in Cuiaba trying to make a last ditch attempt to find a tour before we would need to chuck in the towel and simply book flights back out again. And then the magic happened... As vegetarians it can be tricky to find somewhere for dinner in Cuiaba. We ended up dining in the Amazon Hotel in the centre of the city and, as has been my habit throughout our year long travels (always ask a local!), I asked advice from the staff about tour operators. They whole heartedly recommended Igor and his company Gasparetours.


I contacted Igor that evening and was amazed to find a reply in my inbox next morning. He somehow (and generously, given this was supposed to be his break) fitted us into a few days between other tours and made arrangements to have us picked up the very next morning and driven out to meet him at Posada Piuval.


We felt like we had struck lucky, but we didn’t realise just how blessed we were. From first contact to dropping us back off at a hostel in town that he’d recommended, Igor could not have been more helpful. Before our arrival, every message received a prompt reply and whilst in his company, every question was answered with enthusiasm.


From first pick-up to final drop-off, Igor’s drivers (Ronaldo and Jose) were amongst the safest and most courteous we have encountered all year. This is of no small importance when you are travelling with your child.And the tour itself? Just fantastic...Each and every trip out into the countryside surrounding the lodge was jam packed full of wildlife. We saw countless birds and animals and had the most incredible luck to experience all but one outing as a private group.


This was way beyond our expectations and allowed us a much greater chance of spotting wildlife. It also meant that we were never hurried and had plenty of time to just sit and watch animals and birds as they got on with whatever they were up to.


Giving an inquisitive 7 year old ample time to spend ages picking through owl pellets to try to identify what the birds have been eating requires a certain kind of patience - Igor (and his driver Ronaldo) have it in spades!And the tour doesn’t end when you check out of the lodge. We were treated, on our way back to Cuiaba, to more than 15 more sightings of birds, some of which we hadn’t seen in the previous three days. This was most unexpected and just the icing on the cake.


In summary, like many who have posted here before have opined, if you want to visit the Pantanal with a brilliant guide and you value courteous and safe driving, then there can be only one choice. We love Gasparetours and we will be back!

                                                                                                                Suze S. - London - UK


“Excellent guide, very committed and trustworthy”

As I arrived in Cuiaba, I had not made any definitive plans or booked any tour, mostly due to the excessive pricing of all tour companies I had previously checked on the internet.
In Cuiaba, I had the chance to find Gasparetour. I showed up unexpectedly in the morning. Igor Gaspareto was very welcoming and extremely arranging, and after a couple phone calls, we left immediatly for a day in Chapada de Guimarães, followed by 4 days/3 nights in Pantanal.

Igor is an excellent guide and a great, trustworthy person who speaks very good English and a variety of other languages. He is very committed for his guests and adjusts the tours according to the specific interests of each one. The company vehicule is a pretty high, comfortable new van which is very handy to observe wildlife.

Igor was very patient with me and stopped everytime I asked him - quite often - to observe a bird, a lezard, a frog, or any very common pantanal wildlife (not so common for me). He never showed any impatience, although it probably took us twice as long to reach the pousada. Sometimes, he was getting as excited as me to see some wildlife. He was always making sure that I would have a good time. For example, he arranged the best seat for me during the boat ride. He was a good intermediate and interpreter with the staff at the pousada, he knows them well, which ensure his clients a warm welcome and a good time there too (pousada Rio Claro).

Together, we were a great team to spot animals, and during these few days, we had the chance to observed (and take amazing pictures of) an ocelot, a tapir, two giant anteaters, an anaconda, an armadillo, peccaries, different species of deers, monkeys, etc, and, amongst so many species of birds, the famous blue macaw.
I found in Igor not only a tour guide, but a friend and I would highly recommend him.

                                                                          Severine Monnerat - Lausanne -  switzerland


"A great luck!!” 

We found Igor's company through а web navigator. First, we liked the description of the tour, then the price that Igor communicated to us as a reply to our inquiry, and finally the decisive factor was his honesty. Igor wrote to us from the very beginning that the probability to find and see a jaguar during the wet season is very small. All the others make you belive exactly the opposite (what does not correspond to the reality at all) for much more expensive price. The result as usual never meets your expectations and brings a deep dissapointment.
This is why Igor's tour is an ideal offer for the reasonable price. He does not promise you something that simply does not exist.
We stayed in a pleasant pousada Rio Claro, where Igor brought us to with his brand new mini van, we had interesting nature activities every half day and during the kyak river tour we even saw a giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis) - it was the same big luck as to see a jaguar.
A great landscape, virgin nature, nice living conditions and interesting activities - all this was in deed a value for money. A partial prepayment via a bank transfer was absolutely right and safe. We recommend not to think twice and chose Igor's offer: the others will ask more for less services, feeding you with suspicious promises.
Pay attention to the fact that Igor has a wider variety of tour combinations to Pantanal + other attractions around Cuiaba if you have more than 4 days possesed.

                                                                                   Vadim Stepanov - Moscow - Russia


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