Chapada dos Guimarães has several tourist attractions: archaeological sites, almost 500 waterfalls; 3300 km  National Park; 2518 km ² of Environmental Protection.

One of the newest giant carnivorous dinosaurs is Brazilian. With seven feet long by three tall, the big predatory was unearthed in the region where today is the Chapada dos Guimarães, Mato Grosso. He lived there for 80 million years ago during the Cretaceous period and joined the list of the largest and most feared beasts of all time. This is the Pycnonemosaurus nevesi, dubbed the "Great Hunter", found in Chapada dos Guimarães (MT) for over 50 years and forgotten in Rio de Janeiro until 2000. It was a dinosaur of the group of abelissauros, large predators also found in Argentina and Africa, and lived more than 80 million years ago. The "Great Hunter" should have between 7 and 8 feet long, 3 feet tall and weigh over 2 tons.



Chapada Full Day Includes:

Round Trip Transportation
Veu de Noiva Waterfall
Cachoerinha Waterfall
Namorados Waterfall
Geodeisc Centre View
Souveniers Shopping at
Chapada´s Main Square

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