Pantanal and Emas NP Tour 14D/13N Oct/Nov 2018

Ted G. from Seattle USA

I just got back from a two week tour in Brazil's Pantanal and Cerrado with Gasparetour. I would highly recommend this tour company. Igor was very helpful in organizing the tour and making sure I was seeing and staying at the right places. My guide Alex was full of knowledge and always made sure I was happy and safe. The Pantanal is an incredible and unique part of the world, and Gasparetour is a professional outfit to travel with.​


Pantanal, Amazon and Emas NP Tour 16D/15N Sep/Oct 2018

Christina H. from London  UK

We are very serious wildlife enthusiasts who have travelled widely over 30 years. Our priority is to observe wildlife in a respectful way.

Gasparetour is by far the most professional, reliable, open and friendly company we have had the pleasure of travelling with. Their commitment to true eco-tourism is very impressive.

The owner, Igor, spent many hours over the course of 18 months helping us and advising as we planned our 16-day private tour with his company to the Pantanal, the Amazon rainforest and Emas National Park. His knowledge of wildlife destinations in the region is fantastic. Igor always takes time to answer questions fully, honestly and very promptly.

The trip itself was led by registered guides Alex (an excellent English speaker) and Wanderson who was our highly proficient and safe driver. They could not have been more helpful and attentive 24/7 throughout the 16 days. Both of them were immensely knowledgeable and respectful of the wildlife, with Alex having a huge knowledge of not just birds and mammals, but also plants, fish, indigenous culture, history and astronomy. 

Alex also has a wonderful ability to forge relationships with local boat drivers and guides, accommodation staff and other people we came across in remote settings. This all contributed to giving us the best experience possible.

There were certain mammals that we were particularly keen to see on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: the giant anteater, pink dolphin, giant river otter, and the fireflies (bioluminescence). Alex and Wanderson worked tirelessly to ensure that we had the best chance possible of finding them (and we did!). Sometimes this was from 5am until 10pm. Their enthusiasm and energy levels never once dipped.

Throughout the trip Igor kept in touch with our progress. We also observed Rachel, another Gasparetour guide, with different clients in the Pantanal, and she also had a very friendly and professional style.

Thank you to the whole team for giving us memories that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.


Pantanal Full Experience Tour 5D/4N September 2018

Selena T. from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


From start to finish, my husband and I found the interactions just right for us - whether replying to my initial queries on email or during the trip. 

We booked a private 5D/4N tour - which we stayed in Pousada Piuval and on a houseboat along the Cuiaba River. We had Igor as our guide and Ronaldo as our driver - during which, both were great at spotting wildlife. There were certain activities that were group ones (like horse-riding), which meant keeping to a certain schedule - whilst others which were private and had more flexibility. The combination was good. The area is gorgeous - so searching for wildlife in those surroundings were amazing. 

And it makes a difference to have an experienced guide like Igor, especially when jaguar-spotting. Together with the boat driver, they both knew jaguar behavior and the territory enough to appropriately anticipate the movements... and position our boat to get the right lighting and angle for pictures. 

What was additionally reassuring is that the guides and drivers have collective rules of engagement with the animals - there was sufficient distance maintained, no blocking other boats....

We had three 3-hour jaguar viewing boat rides (two in the mornings, one if the afternoon). We were fortunate enough to have 14 encounters - including witnessing a jaguar hunt a caiman, a mother with a cub on the move, two siblings resting and a few swimming across the river. It was truly remarkable. 

All in all, it was a great adventure and highly recommended.


Pantanal Ecological Tour 4D/3N August 2018

Filip D.  from Brussels Belgium

We very much enjoyed our experience with Gasparetour and I would definitely recommend Igor's company to everybody who plans a stay in the Pantanal.

Igor is very correct and reliable. The enrollment for the tour was handled in a very smooth and professional way. We were picked up right on time by him and brought to our first lodge. There we were presented to our guide Alex.

Alex gave me a very knowledgeable impression. I was several times impressed by the elaborate and well structured answers he could give to our questions. He might not be a big talker as pointed out in some other recent comments, but we rather prefered it that way in order to be able to enjoy the nature and wildlife in our own way.

I believe Gasparetour sincerely cares about their customers and tries to do whatever they can in order to give them the best possible experience. Igor and Alex have shown great flexibility in adapting the program half way to our requests. They have been very accessible all the time and willing to accommodate our suggestions.

I also appreciated very much that there were never time constraints. Alex and Igor have been available from 5-6 am till 9-10 pm.

We mostly enjoyed the horse riding and the piranha fishing.

My 10 years old daughter found the Pantanal tour with Gasparetour the best part of our whole 1 month trip in Brazil


Pantanal Full Experience Tour 11D/10N August 2018

Luisa R.  from London UK

It was our first time in Brazil and we spent 11 days with Gasparetour in the Pantanal. Our goal was to have close encounter with wildlife in the area (mainly jaguars) and we were not disappointed. 
Igor was extremely committed in giving us the quality experience we wanted from the beginning to the last day of our holiday. He was flexible in customising our itinerary to suit our needs and set the right expectations for our trip. He was very honest in answering our questions and always promptly. These were the main reasons we chose this company over others.
We stayed at Piuval lodge (2 nights), Pouso Alegre lodge(2 nights), Rio Claro  lodge (1 night) and Pantanal Norte Hotel (5 nights as this is the best place to see jaguars).
There were so many opportunities to photograph a huge variety of wildlife from mammals, reptiles to birds. My personal favourites included jaguars (6 encounters during the morning trip on the first day), giant river otters, toco toucans, chestnut eared aracaris, hyacinths macaws just to name a few. I haven't had a chance to review all of my photos yet as I took so many. My 7 year old son recorded a decent footage of 2 male jaguars fighting for territory with a compact camera while I took photos with my SLR.
Although it is advisable to bring a decent camera (and lens), my wife took many great photos with her phone, including a yellow anaconda from very close range. Oh yes, a special thank you to Igor for making sure that my son got to see the yellow anaconda twice (it was his dream) by communicating with our guide Alex while we were on the road. 
There weren't that many mosquitos as it was the dry season except at dusk (17:30 to 18:15) so bring some insect repellent if you plan to be outside during that time.
I would also like to mention that our van driver Wanderson was amazing at spotting wildlife including an ocelot in daylight during our drive back to Cuiaba. 
Our boat driver (Gonsalo) was very experienced at predicting the jaguars' behaviour and always got us to the right place to get the best photos while always respecting a safe distance from the animals.
A thank you also to Alex for kindly asking Luis (the owner of Pouso Alegre lodge) to spend an afternoon to show us his work on the reptile research in the area.
All in all, we had a brilliant time and wish we were still there.


Pantanal Full Experience Tour 6D/5N August 2018

Peter E.  from Belo Horizonte Brazil

I chose the Full Experience Tour as the best option for a three-generation mixed-language (English and Portuguese) family group of six that included kids aged 6 and 8 on their first trip to Brazil. Igor went all out to provide an 6 day-5 night itinerary and a full agenda of experiences that met and sometimes exceeded our every expectation, from Nobres (snorkeling, floating, monkeys), to Chapada dos Guimarães (waterfalls and macaws) to Poconé (tuiuius, capybaras, horseback riding, etc.) and Porto Jofre (river cruising for giant otters, jaguars, caimans, etc.). We counted over 30 species of animals and 80 species of birds in a few short days without even trying. The planning process was seamless - Igor, the owner and our guide, was responsive, flexible, highly knowledgeable, and clearly very proud of his operation. Our driver, Ronaldo, was extremely friendly and accommodating and very careful and safe. The accommodations and food varied in quality, more simple in Nobres and Chapada, but all clean and comfortable. We particularly enjoyed the Piuval Lodge in Poconé with its expansive grounds teeming with wildlife and the North Pantanal Hotel on the banks of the Cuiabá River in Porto Jofre, both with delicious and hearty meals. Igor promised us ariranhas and onças and he delivered! By the end of the trip we had encountered a family of 5 giant otters several times and watched 12 different jaguars sleeping, hunting, swimming, and eating. A very memorable trip that we will talk about for years to come…


Pantanal Full Experience Tour 5D/4N July 2018

Christianie and Cristoph from Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Igor and driver Ronaldo took us for 5 days through the Pantanal. We had read about the Pantanal in preparation of the tour before, but this experience exceeded our expectation. Igor was a fantastic guide taking us to places where we saw the jaguars, giant otters, tapir, giant ant eater, and many caimans and birds. His knowledge about these animals and where to find them was amazing. Ronaldo was a safety minded driver, navigating over the rough Trans-Pantaneira and its sometimes worn out bridges. Both of them were kind and pleasant company during our tour. 


Pantanal Ecological Tour 4D/3N July 2018

Hassan F.  from Cairo Egypt

Our family of four with an eight year old child and 14 year old and on the 4 day, 3 night safari with gasparetours. It was unforgettable! 

We were picked up from our hotel by Igor himself, who is friendly and polite and informative.

We went on the tour with the wonderful team: Alex and Rachel. They were extremely helpful and accommodating. Alex is extremely informative and patient. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience. They are both super animal spotters.

We saw Caimans and, capibara, vultures, Jurassic sized storks, ocelot, we heard a jaguar beside us on the trail. It was such an exhilarating unique experience. 

I would recommend gasparetours to anyone considering the pantanal. They are extremely professional. From the moment we first contacted Igor to the very end when we were saying goodbye. It was all a very smooth, pleasant experience.

Thank you Igor, Alex and Rachel. We will never forget you!


Pantanal Full Experience Tour 6D/5N June 2018

Zhongwei W. from China

The Pantanal experience was absolutely amazing. 
Igor, Alex and Rachel were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. 
The activities are really well planned, we did horse riding, canoeing, walking safari and night safari for first couple of days. And of course jaguar tour for the last two days were the highlight of the tour. We saw 7 jaguars, 2 pumas, anaconda, armadillo, giant otters during 2 days. We couldnt have seen all these without Alex, Rachel and Igor.


Pantanal Jaguar Tour 4D/3N May/June 2018

Karnik P. from Mumbai India

Igor responses to our emails regarding our tour were succinct and prompt. He and his team delivered 100%, what they promised, despite the nationwide strike and the unmovable T road. 
Rachel was a careful driver and helped Alex point out wildlife on the road. Alex -our guide- was full of interesting info and Brazilian history. 
Unforgettable moments-enchanting meditative early morning canoe ride, hyacinth macaws fighting on a branch, and of course the multiple jaguar sightings and the jaguar swimming in the river!


Pantanal, Chapada and Nobres Tour 5D/4N May 2018

Elizabeth B.  from Texas USA

Igor responded very quickly to all my questions with very good English. They met us on time to pick us up. Alex and Rachel who guided also spoke very good English. They did whatever we wanted. Got up early, stayed out late on game drives. Organized piranha fishing which was a blast. Very hard workers. More at etbtravelphotography with pics.


Pantanal and Nobres Full day tour  April 2018

Alessandra F.  from Minas Gerais Brazil

Atendimento excelente! Pessoas atenciosas e comprometidas! Passeio maravilhoso e super organizado! Recomendo e pretendo voltar outras vezes. O guia Vitório dá um show a parte!


Pantanal Tour 4D/3N March 2018

Rolina K.  from London UK

My boyfriend and I have done this tour in March 2018. Igor was very responsive in our communication beforehand and also booked us a hostel for the night before the tour started. Unfortunately we would not recommend the Dom Bosco Hostel, but we surely do recommend his tour. 
The tour itself was conducted by Alex and Rachel, both speak good English and are helpful, very patient and take all the time you want for every activity. They are both very good at spotting animals and have a considerable amount of knowledge on the ecosystem, animals, region's characteristics, history etc. 
We stayed 1 night in a Pousada quite a long way down the Transpantaneira, which makes that you are quite deep into the Pantanal area. The Pousada is quite basic and was very quiet when we where there. 
The other 2 nights we stayed in a very nice Pousada closer to the edge of the Pantanal. This is more luxurious and the food buffet is slightly nicer. 
We have seen lots of animals and enjoyed the beautiful lush and green environment. No Jaguars unfortunately, solely footprints. Sightings of Jaguars take place around 2 - 4 times a month is what Alex told us. You get to sit on outside seats on the back of the jeep which gives you a good overview and is lovely when the weather is good.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pantanal Tour 4D/3N March 2018

Sandra L.  from Oregon USA

My husband and I had a wonderful experience in the Pantanal with Gasparetour. Igor was a great communicator leading up to our trip and it was nice to have him meet us when we arrived and when we departed. Alex (tour guide) and Raquele (driver/tour guide) were excellent and tried extremely hard to help us see as many animals as possible and to make the experience memorable. We knew there was a very low chance of seeing jaguars at this time of year, but Alex and Raquele went out of their way to try to do so. (We did end up seeing some jaguar pawprints!) My husband and I normally plan out our own budget traveling, so we were a bit hesitant about paying real money on a real tour... but we were very glad we did so! The Pantanal is a very special place. It grows on you more and more each day and makes you sad to leave it. Gasparetour helped add more magic to the experience, with the care they took with us and in ensuring that we were getting the most out of the tours that we possibly could. My husband was also not feeling well - and they were very attentive and made us feel very comfortable that we were in good hands. We will have fond memories of this trip for a lifetime, thanks to Gasparetour!


Pantanal Tour 4D/3N March 2018

Bhupinder S.  from London UK

I did the 4D3N Pantanal tour in March and enjoyed it very much. I was a bit late in organising it, only emailing Igor about 10 days before the start of the tour but he was always very quick to respond. In general, he came across as sincere and honest. Also felt a bit more personal than some of the other operators I looked up. The tour itself was conducted by Alex and Rachel, both of whom spoke good English. Rachel did the driving and Alex was good at pointing out animals in the fields and on the trees. Both of them were relaxed and knowledgable, ready to answer any questions. The main part of the tour involved sitting at the back of the jeep while driving through the dirt track looking for wildlife, but we also did a couple of motor boat rides, a canoe ride and horse riding (completely fine for beginners, it was my first time). I stayed at one lodge for one night and a different lodge for the other two nights - both lodges provided a buffet for all meals, including vegetarian options. On two of the days we started early (5-6am) as there's more chance of seeing animals when it's cooler, but the schedule isn't taxing as there's a chance to rest in the middle of the day everyday. Note that it's still rainy season in March, although from what I gather not peak rainy season. There were tropical downpours on all the days I was there, but these tended to only last for a short while. I had clarified this with Igor before the tour so it wasn't a surprise - we simply swapped activities when it rained, eg. sit inside the jeep instead of on the back, do a jeep ride instead of a boat ride. Jaguar sightings are also much less likely in this season - proved to be elusive for my trip except for a brief sighting of one crossing the road in the distance. But I got to see many birds, alligators, monkeys, foxes, deers and rabbits.


Pantanal Tour 4D/3N March 2018

Jenny S. and Richard S. from London UK

My husband and I have just finished up our 3N 4D trip around the Pantanal with Gasparetour company and it was truly excellent.
We were picked up from our hostel on time and met with our two guides. We got a load of pre trip information and knew what to expect! 
The car was comfy, clean and safe. It was so much fun sitting on the back and watching the wildlife and natural surroundings unfold around us. 
We did boat tours, safari jeep tours, horse back riding and walking. We were pretty exhausted after the 4 days but wouldn’t of changed a thing. 
The guides (Alex and Rachel) were absolutely superb - some of the best we’ve experienced. And I don’t say that lightly!! I’m pretty hard to impress when it comes to naturalists having been lucky enough to have been on several spotting trips. I’m also a keen naturalist and a budding birder. Alex was knowledgable and taught us enough to keep us interested but not going overboard with too many figures or facts. Nothing was too much for them, they worked so hard to make the trip amazing - THANK YOU!! 
Although it was wet season, we still saw loads - a list longer than my arm of fantastic birds plus some real treasures such as wild foxes, otter and of course capybara. If you’re looking for a Pantanal Tour, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these guys. They are excellent!! 


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